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12 inch ErgoUP
12" ErgoUP Leg Rest MSRP: $349
Sale Price: $295
12 inch ErgoUP
18" ErgoUP Leg Rest MSRP: $369
Sale Price: $319
12 inch ErgoUP
Curve ErgoUP Leg Rest MSRP: $399
Sale Price: $359

Leg Support for Office Chair

Leg support shown attached to base of standard office chair.

The ErgoUp Leg Support is a leg support that can be attached to nearly any office chair. The leg support offers relief from pain and discomfort in feet, legs and lower back by properly elevating and supporting the lower extremities. more info

Most common uses for the ERGOup are injury or chronic pain to knee, leg, ankle and back as well as to relieve or prevent circulatory issues, bloods clots and edema. Ask your doctor if the ERGOup is right for elevating your legs at work.

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